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Business Office Cleaning

Cleaning can be frustrating to deal with everyday when you have a pile of work on your
desk. By allowing Mercers Pro Cleaners into your business you will be able to reap the benefits of
a clean work area without spending the time to do it. When you have us complete the daily tasks
of cleaning your business you get extra time finish your work so you can go home and relax!
Below is our list of services available with every clean.

• Vacuuming/Mopping all floors
• Dusting from top to bottom
• Emptying of waste bins
• Washing of baseboards (if necessary)

• Sweeping/Mopping of floor
• Cleaning of the bathtub/shower areas
• Cleaning/Sanitizing the toilet(s)
• Cleaning of the sink and countertop
• Cleaning of mirrors
• Dusting of light fixtures
• Emptying of waste bins

Kitchenette (if in building)
• Sweeping/Mopping of floors
• Cleaning of sinks/countertops
• Washing the cabinet faces
• Washing the backsplashes
• Cleaning of ovens/stovetops
• Cleaning the inside/outside of microwaves
• Sanitizing all counter and table surfaces
• Emptying of waste bins


Business office cleaning is really important to keep up on, because not only does it allow you to have a more workable and enjoyable space it keeps your customers coming back! No one wants go back to a professional office that is dirty and with all the foot traffic you get... Mercers Pro Cleaners can take on the task of keeping it pristine!