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Realtor Cleaning Services

Keeping your Realty office as clean as the homes you sell is just as important for first
impressions. Whether it's you walking into the office or a client you will want your real estate office to look as professional as possible. By having Mercers Pro Cleaners keep up on the cleaning, you
will have all the services below as the standard for every clean!

Offices/Lobby Area
• Vacuuming Carpets /Mopping all floors
• Dusting from top to bottom in every room
• Emptying of waste baskets
• Washing of baseboards (if necessary)

• Sweeping/Mopping of floor
• Cleaning of the bathtub/shower areas
• Cleaning/Sanitizing the toilet(s)
• Cleaning of the sink and countertop
• Polishing sink and bath fixtures
• Cleaning of mirrors
• Dusting of light fixtures
• Emptying of waste bins

Realtor cleaning services are important to keep up since you need to remain professional and memorable. If keeping your office clean and organized gets the best of you then clients may wonder about the care you put into your homes, this is why realtor cleaning services are so important.

If you want your newly available homes as clean as your office - we can do that for you too.

Mercers Pro Cleaners will make sure everything is top notch for your clients.